PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now have merged into a new membership service: everything you need to know


After years of separation, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, two popular subscription services from Sony, have merged into one new and improved membership service. This merger brought many new opportunities and benefits for subscribers. In this article, we'll look at each subscription level, cost, benefits, available games, and other important details.

Subscription levels and costs:
The new PlayStation Plus membership service offers three subscription levels: Essential, Extra and Premium (Deluxe in non-streaming markets). Here's the cost for each level:
- Essential: $9.99 per month
- Extra: $19.99 per month
- Premium (Deluxe): $29.99 per month

Benefits for subscribers:

Each PlayStation Plus subscription level offers a different set of benefits. Here's what subscribers at each level will receive:
- Essential: Access to a monthly collection of free games, discounts on game purchases and additional content.
- Extra: All the benefits of Essential, plus access to an expanded collection of free games, exclusive offers and deeper discounts.
- Premium (Deluxe): All the benefits of Extra, plus access to the full library of PlayStation Now games, the ability to stream games on supported devices, and exclusive bonuses.

What will happen to the current subscription:
If you already have a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription, they will automatically be combined into the new membership service. You do not need to take any additional action.

What if I don't have a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription:
If you don't have a subscription to both services, you can still take advantage of the new PlayStation Plus membership service. Choose from three subscription levels to suit your needs and gain access to many benefits.

Devices supporting the new PlayStation Plus:
The new PlayStation Plus membership service will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and supported mobile devices through the official PlayStation app.

How to check your PlayStation Plus subscription time:
To check the timing of your PlayStation Plus subscription, log into your PlayStation account on your console or on the official PlayStation website.

What games can be downloaded or streamed for PlayStation Plus:
PlayStation Plus subscribers get access to a monthly collection of free games. These games can be downloaded and played on your console while your subscription is active. In addition, the Premium (Deluxe) tier gives subscribers access to the full library of PlayStation Now games, which can be streamed on supported devices.

Lineup of games available on the new PlayStation Plus:
The new PlayStation Plus offers a wide range of games for subscribers. From popular exclusives to classic hits, there's something for everyone. The line of games is regularly updated so that subscribers can always enjoy new content.

Combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a new membership service has brought many benefits to players. New subscription levels, access to free games, discounts and exclusive offers make PlayStation Plus a must-have choice for all PlayStation fans. Whether you're a new user or an existing subscriber, the new PlayStation Plus offers plenty of options to satisfy your gaming passion.

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